Jumat, 02 Oktober 2009

The Struggle Will Go On (Just Opening)

From now…
I must prepare everything to continue my activities in my school, Darul Arqam Islamic Boarding School. Yes, I must go back to my habit as a santri. I’ll meet friends, teachers, and all society of my school. Perhaps there’s difference between old time and present, now I understand many things more and better. Imagine that when I was starting study, I didn’t know about organization, leadership, socialization and the other apparently. I didn’t bring them here. But I still have a wish, destination and commitment to be a good person. Then, my God unite me with many good people. So I learn many things from and with them. For example, In KMR I learn to be a brave when I speak in front of mass and learn about rethorical techniques. In Language Community, I learn how to be a capable in Arabic and English. In IPM, I learn how to work with my team and organize it, I learn about leadership and other too. And now, I’ve been in fifth grade, I passed many thing, smile or cry with my friends. And I must never be satisfied with my abilities. I must reach more my ambitions, I must study and study, study anything in my life.

It’s enough for my nostalgia, a few day later, I will start the struggle with my friends in IPM or another. I have much aims of my struggle. All of them need many sacrifices too, and helping God.

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